Multiple Choice

  • March 14th, 2014

We’ve made some changes in our multiplication apps. We’re now providing more choice for parents helping their kids learn, through a [...]


End homework battles

Or at least the ones about learning multiplication. Enjoy the peace and extra free time some of our customers have already.

More free time for your family, as your child masters multiplication as they drift off to sleep.

More free time

We're here to help families find more free time. Spend an hour with your child using flash cards to learn multiplication. Or go for a family bike ride. More free time ideas... 

"WOW! My six-year old listened to the three times tables each night, and in two weeks he had them memorized! And that's without any practice at school - after all he's just in kindergarten. This really works!"
"I spent too many miserable hours with flash cards trying to help my first kid learn his times table. I used the Nightlight Learning process for my second - waaaay easier, and it worked! "
My daughter went through your seven times tables when she was in grade three. She loved listening to it. She nailed them in about two weeks, and even better, she showed a new enthusiasm for learning math.
Skeptical at first, but proved to be really effective. The approach was a bit different than I expected, but the results were a lot better than the conventional approaches have been. He's running through the timetable now with no problems.

Easy Learning

Your child can master the multiplication tables while drifting off to sleep. It's that easy!Learn More

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