Here’s a small collection of stories and reports from the world of homework and math, and about parenting kids who live in that world.

A survey and subsequent follow-up done by a Parent-Teacher Association for a high school in California has led to the creation of a district homework taskforce to establish guidelines around homework. The focus is “quality, not quantity.”

Paper Management Dysfunction? I know what it looks like when your child’s backpack looks like the entire contents of a filing cabinet were dumped inside. It’s a recipe for stress for parent and student, and a potential drag on school and homework performance. Some great tips on how to work towards restoring order

The Great Canadian Math Debate continues. The Edmonton Journal is into part 6 in a series on how math is taught in Alberta grade schools. Lots of opinion from different perspectives on what is most beneficial for learning – a discovery method-based approach, or more traditional rote learning methods.

Our take – Nightlight Learning offers a great solution for balance. Learn the concepts and discover new approaches in class, but master multiplication memorization as you go to sleep.

 Intro to the series

Part 6