We’ve made some changes in our multiplication apps. We’re now providing more choice for parents helping their kids learn, through a combination of in-app or full product purchases.

More choice, more easy and effective learning, and more free time for your family.

Three is always free

Multiply Lite is the introduction to our process. If you’re curious or skeptical, Multiply Lite has the three times table for free, so you can find out just how easy and effective our apps are.

Multiply Lite also provides access to other, paid times tables from 2 to 13. You can buy them individually if there’s only one or two times tables that your child needs help with. Or you can access either Multiply 2 to 10 or Multiply Pro, full versions with multiple times tables.

Multiply 2 to 10

This app is targeted to beginning multipliers. It may also work best for students who would find it easier to have times table delivered in an ordered and progressive way. It presents all the times table from 2 to 10, and teaches each one individually.

Multiply Pro

Sometimes, even experienced multipliers need a little help mastering the times tables. Multiply Pro is a different approach to the 3 to 9 times tables for students who already have exposure to the times tables, but haven’t achieved immediate recall of all the facts yet.

We’ve compressed the times tables into two sessions, so less time is required to learn them all.

Whichever product is right for your child, you can expect easy and effective multiplication learning, and more free time for your family. Forget the homework battles around multiplication, flash cards or multiplication “games.” Your child can memorize the times tables as they drift off to sleep.