Easy multiplication! Your child learns as they sleep.

Who are we?

We’re on a mission to free up more family time and help children learn.

Supporting learning.

We know how much time and effort it can take to help your child acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed at school.

Nightlight Learning is a business that helps children learn. The best part is, they learn while they sleep. No stress. No arguing. No supervised memorization time, that– let’s face it – neither of you want to do.

Giving free time back to families.

Countless families spend extra hours on evenings and weekends trying to help their children learn multiplication. They are trying it all. Probably yours too. Flash cards. Video "games." Endless writing and re-writing of times tables. It's so often a struggle.

So we came up with a better way, and we are very pleased you're visiting our site, and hope you are willing to give our products a try. You'll have more free time with your family, and your child will master multiplication.