How about using your new-found free time to play a game with your family?What are you going to do with your free time?

Whether you're helping your child learn, or learning new skills yourself, using Nightlight Learning's products mean mastering learning while finding more free time.



Our learning is delivered while you drift off to sleep.

If you need to help your child learn multiplication, this means no flash cards. No multiplication "games." No arguing with your child to get him or her to spend a half hour in the evening doing extra studying. Just put the headphones on when you put them to bed, press play, and walk away. In a couple of weeks, a new skill will be mastered.

If you're learning new skills yourself, there's no need to free up time in your busy schedule to focus on studying. No need to give up something else in your day. Just put on the headphones when you go to bed, press play, and relax. Just fall asleep. Do this for a couple of weeks, and you'll have new learning embedded in your long-term memory.

It's that easy. And it's effective

So what are you going to do with your free time? We have some suggestions...

More free time? Go inline skating with your family.

Inline skating...

Or roller skating with your family - one of the suggestions from She Knows Parenting - 50 family fun night ideas.

More free time for your family, as your child masters multiplication as they drift off to sleep.

Bike riding...

You could go for a bike ride. has a great list of things you could do with your family this weekend.


No need for this

You won't need to worry about this - as Nightlight Learning means no stressful flash card or multiplication "game" time. Just more free time.