Multiply Pro - advanced multiplication learning. Only CAD$4.99.

Sometimes, even experienced multipliers need a little help mastering the times tables. Multiply Pro is a different approach to the 3 to 9 times tables for students who already have exposure to the times tables, but haven't achieved immediate recall of all the facts yet.

We've compressed the times tables into two sessions, so less time is required to learn them all.

For beginning multipliers, we recommend our Multiply 2 to 10 app.


  • Put your child to bed, press play, and you’re done
  • Only two sessions - less time to times table mastery!
  • Children learn as they drift off to sleep – so no stress
  • More free time that might otherwise be spent with flash cards or other multiplication learning techniques
  • Practice, encouragement and motivation built into our products means effective learning and long-term retention

Want more information? Check out some script excerpts, or screen shots from the app.

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