Practice, encouragement and motivation are the keys to success in learning. 


Each recording contains a main learning section. For Multiply products, it’s the repetition of a specific times table - generally six times in each track.


Confidence-boosting content is strategically placed in each audio track to enhance the listener’s ability to learn, absorb, and retain the recorded learning.


Nothing motivates like success. Our products help the listener both feel successful as they progress, and experience real success as the learning is absorbed and retained.


Using Nightlight Learning's Multiply products at bedtime makes mastering multiplication easy.Bedtime is the best time to use our products because outside distractions are at a minimum.

The introduction to each track sets the stage, helps the listener relax, and prompts focus on the content that will be delivered. The recording helps the listener gradually fall asleep in a natural and comfortable way. As the listener drifts off to sleep, their attention focuses exclusively on the content and the visualization encouraged in the audio track.

Nightlight Learning’s tools are produced to optimize effective learning and long-term retention.

Check out some excerpts from Multiply-LITE.

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