Multiplication mastery is easy with Nightlight LearningMultiplication mastery - here's how we do it.

The key to multiplication mastery is in the content of our products and how it's delivered. If you are wondering what's in our products, below are a few excerpts taken from Multiply-LITE. This is the free app/content anyone can access to see how easy Nightlight Learning makes learning the multiplication tables.

Each product is a recording developed to optimize effective learning and long-term retention.

Setting the stage

The introduction to each track sets the stage, helps the listener relax, and prompts focus on the content that will be delivered. It's the first step on the listener's road to multiplication mastery. Here's a sample of how it's done:

Just make yourself all comfy cozy in your bed. This is just like listening to a bedtime story- but if you fall asleep that’s ok. You have a very creative imagination… so let’s have some fun. Imagine yourself holding a BIG bunch of helium balloons, all tied together on long red strings... 

...Hold onto the red strings really tight, remember you only release one balloon at a time. Get ready, I’m going to start to count! 1,2,3,4,5,6 ,7,8,9,10...


Practice, in this case, really means repetition. The listener goes through each individual times table about six times in each recording. In 14 consecutive nights, that's exposure to a times table at least 84 times. Quite a bit - but it happens as they're going to sleep. That's easy. And multiplication mastery is achieved with a whole lot less effort than using flash cards, or supervised study. That's effective.

Here's how we build in repetition with visualization to add impact and fun:Practice - with Nightlight Learning's Multiply products - is a key to successful multiplication mastery

Start at the very top of the page...3x1= 3

Now underneath that, paint…3x2= 6...3x3=9

Your paintbrush is getting a little dry, dip it back into the glass jar of bright blue paint!




We know encouragement is a key to success in learning. Nightlight Learning builds lots of it into our products. In fact, some of our customers have gained a new appreciation for multiplication learning as a result of listening to our recordings. Content like this is liberally included in our products:

It's fun to play games using your imagination, and you’re so good at them. You’re an excellent learner.

You like painting numbers every night in your imagination - because numbers are fun!


Success does come easy with Nightlight Learning. And nothing motivates like success. The content of our recording helps the listener feel successful in learning multiplication. And the results of going through the full learning program will help them be successful in this foundational math skill. Here are some examples of how we build motivation into our Multiply products:

You always put your BEST effort into everything. The more you practice what you learn the more you improve- with practice ALWAYS comes improvement...

Your memory is getting stronger, way to go! Let’s read it again...

Remember, the more you practice, the more your memory improves...

Download the Multiply-Lite app for free, or purchase the full version - Multiply 2 to 10 - to get the full effect. Find out how easy it is to achieve multiplication mastery, and get more free time for your family.