How to use our multiplication products

Here's what you do

Follow your child’s regular bedtime routine and tuck your child into bed.

Let them listen to your Nightlight Learning product through headphones. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level. Select play. Say good night and walk away. Go read a book, surf the ‘net, or watch TV.

If your child drifts off to sleep while the recording is still playing, that’s just fine.

Your child should listen to the recording while falling asleep each night for 14 consecutive nights. For most children, that will be enough. Some may learn in less time, some in a little more.

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It's that easy!

No stress. No flash cards. Just effective and easy learning. Here are some ideas on how you can use your extra free time...Family fun stuff

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Help your child learn multiplication the easy and effective way with Nightlight Learning.

Our multiplication products will help your child learn their times tables with no stress or fuss