Multiplication success stories.Experience multiplication success with Nightlight Learning

We understand you may be skeptical - after all, how could Nightlight Learning's tools be so easy yet so effective? See what other parents have been saying about Nightlight Learning products.


"WOW! My six-year old listened to the three times tables each night , and in two weeks he had them down! And that's without any practice at school - after all he's just in kindergarten. This really works!"
Tonya, Technical writer
"My daughter went through your seven times tables when she was in grade three. She loved listening to it. After about 1 week I went into her room to tidy up and noticed she’d been writing them on a dry erase board.  I asked and she said she was ‘practicing’ on her own.  She nailed them in about two weeks, and even better, she showed a new enthusiasm for learning math."
Julie, Full-time Mom and volunteer
"My son was struggling with his times tables and fought me on every trick in the book, games, flash cards, repetition writing etc. I was feeling guilty trying to add more school work onto an already long and frustrating day for him. We tried Nightlight Learning, he looked forward to listening to the cd every night. What a great relief from the ‘battles’ we were having.”
Kevin, Customer Service Manager
"I spent too many miserable hours with flash cards trying to help my first kid learn his times table. I used the Nightlight Learning process for my second - waaaay easier, and it worked! "
Dave, PR manager